Education & Awareness

Cornmarket and Breast Cancer Ireland have come together to promote breast health education to transition year students, teachers nationwide, corporates and clubs.

 The outreach programme aims to educate women of all ages about the disease so they’ll know what is normal for them. Should an abnormality occur, it will be identified early and the treatment outcome a lot more positive.

 How does it work? This complimentary service comprises of a visit from a Breast Cancer Ireland qualified outreach coordinator to both teachers and/or TY Students and corporate companies.  

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Meet Our Team

ADRIENNE MCCLEERY BCI Outreach Nurse Coordinator - Leinster North Adrienne completed her General Nurse Training in Jervis St. Hospital in 1980. She has worked part time since in health promotion and Occupational Health. She is passionate about breast cancer prevention...


BCI Ambassadors

Ambassadors representing Breast Cancer Ireland play an important role in raising awareness by sharing their own personal experiences, promoting campaigns and forging relationships within the community. Our ambassadors advance the goals of BCI by communicating breast health at...


BCI Patient Ambassadors

Statistically, breast cancer survival rates are improving in Ireland, as a result of the government screening programme for women aged 50-65 years. However, Breast Cancer Ireland feel strongly about educating our younger women and making them more aware...


INTO Breast Awareness Programme

INTO Breast Awareness Programme Cornmarket & Breast Cancer Ireland has partnered with the Irish National Teacher's Organisation to launch a new Breast Health Awareness & Education Programme for all INTO members. Our team of six coordinators will travel throughout Ireland...


Corporate & Community Groups

Our Breast Cancer Ireland outreach coordinators also visit companies and community groups educating women on the importance of breast awareness with the support of Cornmarket Financial Services. The coordinator will bring along a medical mannequin, and, when available,...


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In 2014 we were delighted to have Irish Olympic boxer, Katie Taylor, join us in our campaign to raise awareness about the importance of breast health. Click Here to watch Katie’s awareness video. Knowledge and early...


Facts and Figures

Our vision in Breast Cancer Ireland is through research and awareness- we will transform breast cancer from often being a fatal disease (690 deaths annually) to a treatable illness long term. Current statistics in Ireland: 1 in 9...


Schools Awareness Programme

Breast Cancer Ireland’s mandate, in addition to providing funding to support pioneering research, is to provide education & awareness on the importance of breast health amongst women of all ages with a particular focus on younger women. Our outreach nurses...