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Education and Awareness

Breast Cancer Ireland seeks to promote good breast health amongst women of all ages across Ireland.  With a carefully developed, complimentary programme, we provide education to transition year students, teachers nationwide, companies and communities nationally

The outreach programme aims to educate women of all ages about the importance of good breast health.  Should an abnormality occur, it will be identified early and the treatment outcome will be a lot more positive.

How does it work? This complimentary service consists of a visit from a Breast Cancer Ireland qualified outreach coordinator who will demonstrate with a medical mannequin how to perform a self breast examination, and the 8 signs and symptoms to look out for

To learn more about our coordinators in your area, please click here https://www.breastcancerireland.com/education-awareness/meet-our-team-2/

To book a presentation please contact areilly@bciresearch.ie

The Schools, Teachers and community outreach programme is brought to you by Cornmarket Group Financial Services

UPMC Hillman Centre is partnering with BCI, delivering breast health awareness programmes to communities it serves nationally.

8 Signs of breast cancer