Corporate Partnerships

Nominating Breast Cancer Ireland as your Charity of the Year is a unique opportunity to get your staff behind an inspiring cause and demonstrate your company’s commitment to making a difference at so many levels.

Breast Cancer Ireland is Ireland’s leading breast cancer charity, triple locked for excellence in governance, and a nationally-recognised and trusted brand at the heart of local communities all across the country.

There are many ways to get involved with Breast Cancer Ireland that can be motivating and rewarding for your team as well as for your customers.

Here are just a handful of reasons to nominate Breast Cancer Ireland as your Charity of the Year partner:

  • Breast cancer is (sadly) a cause that touches almost every family in Ireland, with one in seven women in Ireland being diagnosed at some point in their lives.
  • We have a national and local presence – we can bring together our team to your sites in local communities all across Ireland
  • We have a dedicated and experienced team – we are strategic thinkers who immerse ourselves in your business, so we can deliver a tailored strategic partnership that makes a meaningful difference at all levels
  • We believe fundraising should be immersive and fun – from skydiving and running marathons to sponsored 24-hour fundraisers, we can provide a tailored multi-channel partnership which is unique, fun and motivating for staff, partners and other key stakeholders. We can also provide your team with fundraising materials and unique online platforms to assist your fundraising.
  • Employee Engagement – We can help you develop an employee engagement programme to perfectly suit your needs.

Become a Corporate Partner


We appreciate that every company is different, so our fundraising team can work with you to tailor each specific partnership depending on your exact requirements.

Once you have contacted Breast Cancer Ireland, our fundraising team can meet with you, to guide you on the type of partnership that might best suit your company, help you with fundraising ideas and develop a robust engagement programme for roll out against a timeline that best suits your business.

For further information, please contact our Development Manager Samantha McGregor on or click the button below to contact us