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Phenomenal advances in targeted therapy over the past ten years have had a significant impact on breast cancer survival.  Within these excellent survival rates however lie a significant group of patients (>30%) who will have disease recurrence.  The challenge now is to understand why…


  • Our Focus

    Our challenge is to understand why breast cancer recurrences happen and to ensure that metastatic disease is detected early and treated effectively. The ability of a tumour to alter its status following treatment is clinically accepted and our team are working to identify gene determinants that can be used as biomarkers in helping to improve... View Article

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  • Translational Research

    In order to speedily transfer breast cancer research findings to a clinical setting it is essential that translational research is carried out. Testing new drug targets and potential clinical biomarkers in retrospective clinical trials is the cornerstone of translational research. In 2010, Breast Cancer Ireland co-founded the National Breast Cancer BioResource, which was launched by... View Article

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  • Medical Student Training

    The training of the next generation of breast cancer researchers and clinicians is a core strategy of Breast Cancer Ireland under our Education & Awareness pillar. We have supported over 14 PhD students and 17 MD students to completion. Data from their breast cancer research work formed the basis of over 30 publications in high... View Article

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  • Publications

    Breast Cancer Ireland is proud to support Publications & Conferences disseminating work arising from Irish Breast Cancer Research.  Please click here for a sample listing of publications produced

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