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Thank you for considering supporting Breast Cancer Ireland.

Your donation can help us to fund pioneering research that will help the 3,700 women in Ireland who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

The good news is that survival rates continue to improve and that is largely due to new and ongoing research, here and internationally, into new therapies and treatments for those diagnosed.

Your generous donation will help bring us closer to a world where patients will live with a breast cancer diagnosis, that is treatable and maintainable, long term.

Every euro you donate makes a difference in the lives of those diagnosed and helps us in our race for a cure.

Any gifts over €250 a year are tax efficient and allow us to reclaim 44% as an additional amount eg a donation of €21 per month = €252 p.a and BCI can claim 44% on top, making the value of your gift equate to €363.

Breast Cancer Patient being hugged by daughter

fundraising impact

Since Breast Cancer Ireland was established in 2012, over €23 million has been raised to support:

Breast Health
Specialist breast cancer research nurses who collaborate and collate patient tissue and serum samples into one large national bio bank. Clinicians and scientists in Ireland can now avail of these, there by speeding up discovery times.
Breast Health
Investment in International Clinical Trials
Breast Health
Investment in a state of the art Clinical Research Centre
Breast Health
Designated Fellowship & Scholarship
Breast Health
Investment in state of the art radiotherapy equipment
Breast Health
The creation & support of our complimentary Education & Awareness Programme