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Cornmarket and Breast Cancer Ireland have partnered with the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation to launch a new Breast Health Awareness and Education Programme for all INTO members. Our team of six coordinators will travel throughout Ireland to talk to primary school teachers and staff in schools about breast health awareness and to demonstrate the early signs of breast cancer. 

From October 2019, you can book a session at a time that will suit your school.  

The programme is all about starting a discussion about breast health and encouraging INTO members to self-check regularly to identify what is normal for them so that if an abnormality occurs it will be detected early.

Using a medically induced mannequin the Breast Cancer Ireland team will show the eight signs and symptoms of breast cancer as well as how to perform a self-check examination. Presentations can be arranged for 20-25 minutes during lunchtime or 45 minutes after school hours. 

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