Breast Cancer Research is not necessarily glamorous or emotive yet it is the linchpin in advancing a cure to a sometimes devastating disease.  Breast Cancer affects 1 in 9 Irish women and there are currently 2800 new cases diagnosed annually. While our survival rates are improving through screening and awareness campaigns, there is still a lot more to be achieved with the help of Breast Cancer Ireland.

Breast Cancer Ireland aims to transform Breast Cancer from often being a fatal disease (689 deaths annually) to a treatable illness that can be maintained long-term through treatment.  Speed of research discovery will ultimately achieve this vision of reducing the threat of breast cancer.

The research landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years.  Previously all patients diagnosed, received chemotherapy, initially, as their standard treatment of care, but today, with the emergence of sophisticated blood tests, we can personalise and tailor every patients treatment plan to reflect their particular disease thereby optimising their outcome in defeating breast cancer.

Why not take a look inside our labs and let Dr Damir Vareslija tell you a little more about their ongoing research.

  • BCI Research Centre

    One of the key strategic initiatives of BCI is to support Irish centres of excellence so that we can deliver world class research, improve patient care and deliver greater long term development of research infrastructure. The BCI Research Centre is located within the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and has 14 full time scientific,... View Article

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  • Our Work

    Phenomenal advances in targeted therapy over the past ten years have had a significant impact on breast cancer survival.  Within these excellent survival rates however lie a significant group of patients (>30%) who will have disease recurrence.  The challenge now is to understand why…