Consistent and intensive breast cancer research is vital in advancing a cure to what can be a devastating disease. One in seven women in Ireland are affected by breast cancer, and there are currently 3,700 new cases diagnosed annually.

While survival rates are improving through screening and awareness campaigns, there is still a lot more to be achieved through dedicated and in-depth research with the help of Breast Cancer Ireland.

Our mission is to transform breast cancer from sometimes being a fatal disease (730 deaths annually) to an illness that can be managed and cured through treatment. The speed of research discovery will ultimately achieve this vision of reducing the threat of breast cancer.

The treatment landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Previously, all patients diagnosed initially received chemotherapy as standard. Today, with the emergence of sophisticated blood tests, we can personalise and tailor each patient’s treatment plan to reflect their particular type of the disease, thereby optimising their prospects of defeating breast cancer.

Take a look inside our labs and let Dr Damir Vareslija tell you a little bit more about their ongoing research.