What We Do

Breast Cancer Ireland is a registered charity, established to raise significant funding to support pioneering research programmes nationally, as well as to promote education and awareness on the importance of good breast health amongst women of all ages.

Our Vision

To transform breast cancer from sometimes being a fatal disease into a treatable illness for all.

Our Mission

To speed up research discovery output so as to affect better and more positive treatment options for patients.

Our Goals

  • To create a National Bio Bank of patient tissue and serum samples – allowing our Breast Research Nurses, within the designated cancer centres, to collaborate and collate all samples into one large centralised area so that Clinicians and Scientists nationwide can access larger volumes and thereby help speed up research discovery output.
  • To support the creation of a state of the art Breast Cancer Research Centre, that will be purely translational in appeal, offering patients a bench to bedside experience, with multidisciplinary teams all working under the one roof, offering consultancy, imaging, pathology and clinical trials research.
  • To provide education and awareness on the importance of good breast health for women of all ages, with the provision of our complimentary nationwide service