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This May, Breast Cancer Ireland has launched #ResearchMatters, both an awareness and an online fundraising campaign focussing on highlighting the crucial importance of ground breaking research and scientific collaboration in the fight against this disease. Through our ongoing work and knowledge sharing with world class experts and research institutions in the US such as the Mayo Clinic and University of Pittsburgh, we support their global research efforts this National Cancer Research Month.

Through our funded research, fellowships and clinical trials, significant progress is being made, year on year, by the finest cancer experts in the world, with the goal of developing newer, more targeted therapies, ultimately turning breast cancer into a treatable illness, and giving families more precious time together.

This campaign shares the stories of some of the incredible women both living with, and living beyond their cancer diagnoses, and how research has directly impacted on their very survival whilst also giving them hope and optimism for the future. Every euro raised through our #ResearchMatters campaign will go DIRECTLY towards funding additional research hours in the world class Breast Cancer Ireland funded research labs, helping us to save the lives of the 1 in 9 Irish women affected by the disease every year.

Breast Cancer Ireland Ambassadors

Avril Tierney

Rachel McKenna

Amanda Benham

Ann Eble

Our Researchers

Daniela Ottaviani

Louise Watson

Gordon Daley

Sean Hickey

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