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S3 – Episode 1- Standout Moments

Jan 3, 2023 | Season 3

Over the past two seasons of More Than a Lump, Aisling has spoken to a selection of guests about how breast cancer has informed their perspectives on life, love, family, health, goals, and aspirations. As we begin a new season, and indeed a new year, Aisling reflects on some of the moments over these past 20 episodes that stopped her in her tracks. This episode is a compilation of some of those standout moments that reminded us that for so many impacted, breast cancer is more than a lump.

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by Aisling Hurley - Standout Moments | More Than A Lump Podcast

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S3 – Episode 4 – Meet Rachel McKenna

S3 – Episode 4 – Meet Rachel McKenna

Rachel McKenna is living with cancer. In this episode, she takes Aisling through her story, from those early signs during her pregnancy, though to the birth of her beautiful son, Elijah, born in October 2020, which has brought Rachel and her fiancé, Aidan such great joy, and on to the day she was told her cancer was inoperable. Rachel is the face of Breast Cancer Ireland’s recently launched, #MetastaticMatters campaign, which aims to highlight the symptoms of metastatic disease to be aware of, and also to increase understanding of how and why this occurs. This is a positive, uplifting and empowering episode delivered by a beautiful and powerful woman.

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S3 – Episode 3 – Meet Yvonne O’Meara, Clare McKenna and Teresa Costello

S3 – Episode 3 – Meet Yvonne O’Meara, Clare McKenna and Teresa Costello

Talking about relationships and intimacy after a breast cancer diagnosis can be difficult, especially if you have a decreased libido, if sex is painful or if you’re feeling uncomfortable about changes in your body. In this episode of More Than A Lump, we invited along psychotherapist and psychosocial oncologist, Yvonne O’Meara who works therapeutically with people when illness has entered their lives, to discuss the importance of talking about our feelings. Keeping these feelings from each other can make it difficult for couples to give each other comfort and support. Yvonne, who has a special interest in psychosexual distress, infertility, and anticipatory grief is joined by Breast Cancer Ireland Patient Ambassador and local councellor, Teresa Costello to talk about the impact of a diagnosis on relationships, dating and intimacy. Broadcaster and good friend to the charity, Clare McKenna stepped in for Aisling to host this episode.

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