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S3 – Episode 10 – Standout Moments from Season Three

As we conclude this third season of More Than A Lump podcast, and take a little pause for now, we thought it would be a good idea to look back and reflect on some of the season’s standout moments. Over the past ten episodes, we have had the privilege of talking to a diverse group of guests about their experiences with breast cancer. From the emotional impact of the diagnosis to the practical aspects of treatment and recovery, we’ve explored it all.

One thing was very clear: breast cancer is more than just a lump. It has the power to impact every aspect of a person’s life and the lives of those around them, including their families, their relationships, and their own hopes for the future. In the words of our dear friend, the late Orla Byrne, we are stronger than we know and this season is proof that resilience, power, and hope can be found in the face of adversity.

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S3 – Episode 9 – Meet Dr Genevieve Ferraris

In this penultimate episode of Season Three, Aisling speaks with menopause specialist Dr Genevieve Ferraris from The Menopause Hub. The episode explores the range of symptoms that women can experience during menopause, including the impact of breast cancer treatment on the early onset of menopause. Dr Ferraris shares her expertise on menopause education and awareness, including the role of nutrition, exercise, and self-care. The discussion also covers the topic of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), including its potential benefits and risks. Throughout the episode, Aisling shares stories from women who have experienced early menopause and its impact on their lives.

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S3 – Episode 8 – Meet Siobhan Freeney

Like so many women, Siobhán Freeney’s life was hectic. Despite juggling a new job and her husband’s health, the mother-of-two knew something was not quite right. Her sixth sense prompted her to avidly attend every scheduled mammogram appointment and eventually she was diagnosed with stage 3 lobular breast cancer in 2015. Following extensive treatment and surgery, Siobhan became interested in patient advocacy and she is now a passionate spokesperson for lobular breast cancer in Ireland and overseas, endeavouring to share the signs of this type of breast cancer with other women and most importantly to push for more research investment into lobular.

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S3 – Episode 7 – Meet Anne Nolan

Breast cancer has been an unwelcome presence in the life of Anne Nolan, a member of the singing group The Nolans , who shot to fame in the 1980’s with their hit, “I’m In The Mood For Dancing”. Tragically, Anne’s sister Bernadette, died from breast cancer in 2013 aged 52 and two years ago both Anne and her other sister Linda revealed they were both diagnosed with cancer. In this episode of More Than A Lump, Aisling talks to Anne from her home in Blackpool about the impact of the disease on her life and ahead of the BCI Race Day in Leopardstown on April 2nd, when Anne will be one of the charity’s special guests.

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S3 – Episode 6 – Meet Paul and Kate Gallagher

When Paul Gallagher’s wife Marie died from breast cancer in 2007, he had to raise their three daughters, Amy, Kate and Sophie on his own. At the time of Marie’s initial diagnosis in 2002, the girls were just 13, 10 and 6. In this episode of More Than A Lump, Paul and his middle daughter Kate join Aisling to talk about their beloved Marie and to reflect on the past twenty years, the low points and the high points, and in particular the birth recently of his first grandchild, Kate’s niece and Amy’s daughter, Ruby Marie. This is a story of loss and bereavement but it is also a story of resilience, hope and getting on with things for the sake of the people you love. If you think you might find the topic of loss and bereavement too upsetting, you may wish to skip this episode.

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S3 – Episode 5 – Meet Lisa Convey, Lynne Buckley and Paula McClean

Back in Season 1, Paula McClean joined Aisling to tell her story about being diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Breast Cancer at the age of 42. Paula returns to guest-host this episode and to pick up on a topic that was referenced in the earlier episode, that of the psychological and emotional scars that remain when the initial treatment is over. Paula is joined by Mayo native, Lisa Convey and Cork native , Lynne Buckley, both fellow breast cancer survivors who have travelled a similar road.

Lisa first met Paula almost ten years ago at a Breast Cancer Ireland photocall but admits she felt vulnerable at that time. Today, Lisa feels stronger and ready to tell her emotional story.

Lynne was diagnosed while she was pregnant with her son Adam in 2017 and she too has a powerful and a very personal story to share. This episode of More Than A Lump is a raw and honest conversation between three amazing women who have shared experiences that those who have not been diagnosed simply cannot imagine. We hope you find it helpful.

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