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Episode 8 – Meet Demmy Adebayo

Demmy Abedayo was just 41 years of age when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, early last year, six months after she first found a lump in her right breast. Following four months of chemotherapy, 16 sessions of radiotherapy, and with reconstructive surgery planned over the coming weeks, Demmy joins Aisling for this episode to share important messages around good breast health, particularly amongst women in the African community in Ireland. She talks about trusting science, leaning on the support of family and friends and taking ownership of our bodies, regularly checking ourselves for the signs and symptoms.

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Episode 7 – Meet Jamie Martin Smith

In this episode, Aisling talks to Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Jamie Martin-Smith about his career choice, running the general plastics clinic at Beaumont Hospital and managing the full spectrum of plastic surgical cases, as well as a dedicated reconstructive breast surgery clinic. He answers some of the questions that women in the Breast Cancer Ireland community ask in relation to how long they should wait for reconstruction following treatment, how to physically prepare for breast reconstruction surgery and how to deal with the after effects.

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Episode 6 – Meet Georgie and Siobhan

Georgie Crawford was due to return to work at the end of her maternity leave and only 31 years of age, when she first discovered a lump in her breast. Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In those early days, weeks and months, as the impact of her diagnosis began to hit her, Georgie turned to the people in her life that she loved the most and who loved her. In particular her husband Jamie and her Mum Siobhan. Together they steadied her, put their loving arms around her and nurtured her back to health.

Now an ambassador for Breast Cancer Ireland, Georgie and Siobhan join Aisling to reflect on the past five years, the highs and the lows, and share with our listeners how finding that lump has utterly changed both of their lives, in so many ways

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Episode 5 – Meet Juliette O’Connell

Juliette O’Connell was just 41-years-old when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, a chance check-up at the GP led to the unexpected news that threw her world upside down. The Limerick native admits she was simply not breast aware at the time, taking her health for granted and assuming that because she fit she was in good health.

Juliette is now an Outreach Coordinator with Breast Cancer Ireland, bringing important messages of good breast health to Transition Year Students, teachers as well as community groups and organisations throughout Munster. In this episode, Juliette shares her powerful story with Aisling and talks about the fact that she never thought, for one minute, that the rash she was ignoring for months would turn out to be breast cancer and very much more than a lump.

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Episode 4 – Meet Dara McDonough

Dara McDonough found a lump whilst in the shower one morning. In this episode, Dara tells a powerful story, from a male breast cancer patient perspective, of finding himself in the unfamiliar surroundings of the waiting room of the Breast Care Centre, feeling like something of an outsider amongst the women around him. Now a long-term supporter of the work of Breast Cancer Ireland, he’s helping to raise the profile of the disease amongst the male population at large – as many people still don’t realise this disease can affect anyone – of any age – not just females.

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