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S2 – Episode 2 – Steve Kelly and Jamie Crawford

Sep 1, 2022 | Season 2

A breast cancer diagnosis effects everyone in the family not just the person diagnosed. In this episode, BCI CEO Aisling Hurley chats with two husbands, Steve Kelly and Jamie Crawford. Steve is married to Tanya and Jamie to Georgie. Both men have travelled with their wives along their breast cancer journeys and their paths to recovery. One in nine women will develop breast cancer in the course of their lifetime yet there is very little information available for partners. This episode of More Than A Lump attempts to spotlight on a partner’s perspective and aims to reveal valuable insights and perspectives which might help loved ones navigate their way through the range of experiences, emotions and challenges – once again demonstrating that breast cancer is more than a lump.

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by Aisling Hurley, Steve Kelly and Jamie Crawford | More Than A Lump Podcast

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S2 – Episode 6 – Meet Jennifer Rock, Yinka Martin and Valerie Murphy

Over the past fifteen episodes of More Than A Lump we have covered a range of topics, sharing personal stories and covering many of the various challenges that a breast cancer diagnosis can present for women. In this episode, called Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer, Aisling takes a different approach. Through her conversation with Jennifer Rock, AKA The Skin Nerd, Yinka Martin founder of Hairweavon and Valerie Murphy of Valerie’s Breast Care, three women who provide products, services and expertise to those diagnosed in the area of skin, hair, and bra fitting, we hear how the beauty industry and importantly how feeling beautiful, and like one’s self, during and beyond treatment, is so vital. Aisling chats to Jennifer, Yinka and Valerie about their own interactions with those diagnosed over many years, as well as advancements in the products and services they provide. We hope you find this episode helpful.

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S2 – Episode 5 – Meet Sorcha Lavelle

Sorcha Lavelle was just 22 years of age when, following a routine visit to her GP, she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. She admits she wasn’t breast aware and thought the small lump on her left breast – which was about the size of a pea – was almost not worthy of a mention. Fortunately for Sorcha, she did mention the lump and her diagnosis, while shocking, was quick and her outcome more positive than if she has not brought it to her doctor’s attention when she did. In this episode, Sorcha talks to Aisling about what it means to her, to her family and her friends to receive a diagnosis of breast cancer so young and why she believes that the misconception that breast cancer is a disease of older women needs to be spoken about. Sorcha is passionate about telling younger women, in particular, to look out for the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to know their normal.

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