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S2 – Episode 9 – Meet Professor Leonie Young

Consistent and intensive breast cancer research is vital in changing the landscape of the disease. The Breast Cancer Ireland Dublin Cancer Conference took place in RCSI from 19th – 21st October 2022, where the world’s leading breast cancer researchers gathered for a ground-breaking, three-day conference that Breast Cancer Ireland were proud to sponsor. In this penultimate episode of Season 2, Aisling speaks with the co-chair of the conference, Scientific Director Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre, Professor Leonie Young. Both women and their teams have worked together for many years and their shared passion for research into breast cancer makes for an inspiring and uplifting discourse on advancements to date, progress coming down the line and offers hope for the future. This episode is well worth listening to.

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S2 – Episode 8 – Meet Ann Eble, Carol Mallon and Marion Egan

Ann Eble was 48 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time in 2003. Ann is joined by Carol Mallon who was diagnosed in 2004 and Marion Egan who is living with a metastatic diagnosis. Each of the women have dealt with their diagnosis differently. They talk through their experiences, sharing the various side-effects they have experienced, the challenges associated with their treatment and the ways they have founds to live their very best lives, with their families and their friends.

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S2 – Episode 7 – Meet Rhonda Richardson and Dr Reem Salman

Rhonda Richardson’s grandmother and her three aunts all had breast cancer and so she had been attending a breast screening clinic since the age of 33 but sadly at the age of 45 Rhonda herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. In this episode of More Than A Lump podcast, Aisling speaks with Rhonda about her diagnosis and treatment and the decisions she her sisters took, following their positive screening for the BRCA2 gene. Aisling is joined by Dr Reem Salman, Consultant Breast Surgeon and a member of the Family Risk Assessment Clinic team at the recently opened Breast Centre on the Beaumont Hospital Campus, Dublin to talk about the very important subject of breast cancer genetics and family history.

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S2 – Episode 6 – Meet Jennifer Rock, Yinka Martin and Valerie Murphy

Over the past fifteen episodes of More Than A Lump we have covered a range of topics, sharing personal stories and covering many of the various challenges that a breast cancer diagnosis can present for women. In this episode, called Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer, Aisling takes a different approach. Through her conversation with Jennifer Rock, AKA The Skin Nerd, Yinka Martin founder of Hairweavon and Valerie Murphy of Valerie’s Breast Care, three women who provide products, services and expertise to those diagnosed in the area of skin, hair, and bra fitting, we hear how the beauty industry and importantly how feeling beautiful, and like one’s self, during and beyond treatment, is so vital. Aisling chats to Jennifer, Yinka and Valerie about their own interactions with those diagnosed over many years, as well as advancements in the products and services they provide. We hope you find this episode helpful.

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