Commenting on Cornmarket’s sponsorship of the education and awareness programme, Lisa Kelly, the company’s Head of Marketing said: “Cornmarket is delighted to sponsor Breast Cancer Ireland’s Breast Health Education and Awareness programme. The programme is all about building awareness at a young age in order to help with early detection and intervention to ultimately save lives.

“As Ireland’s largest health insurance broker, Cornmarket recognises breast cancer as one of the main illnesses that could affect our customers. Together with our strong connection with the education sector, the development and support of this important breast health and awareness programme is a natural fit for Cornmarket and one that we are truly energised to get behind and make a success.”

23% of breast cancer cases diagnosed each year affect women aged between 20 and 50. Together, Breast Cancer Ireland and Cornmarket want this figure reduced considerably and see this latest education programme as playing a critical part in achieving this goal.

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