World’s Leading Researchers Gather in Dublin for the Breast Cancer Ireland Cancer ‘Think Tank’

Next week, world-class specialist cancer researchers will gather, from all over the globe, in the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) in Dublin for a ground breaking three-day Cancer Conference, chaired by Professor Leonie Young, Scientific Director, Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre, alongside Dr Damir Vareslija,  School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Science and Professor Donald McDonnell, Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology at Duke University, North Carolina – proud recipient of the 2022 Science Foundation Ireland Science Medal for his work in the development of new treatments for breast and prostate cancers. Professor McDonnell’s work has led to the discovery of several drugs, currently in clinical trial and to the identification of tumour markers to personalise and target treatment for breast cancer.

Title sponsor for the event is Breast Cancer Ireland, the country’s leading breast cancer charity, dedicated to transforming the landscape of breast cancer in Ireland, through both Irish and international research, education and awareness programmes nationwide.

This event, now in its third year, runs from Wed 19th-Friday 21st October, and will explore the very latest cutting-edge developments in diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for patients with breast and prostate cancer, whilst fostering critical idea exchange, inspiration and collaboration.

This year’s conference will cover the following areas of interest:

  • A new phase 2 clinical trial using a drug called lasofoxifene for the treatment of advanced ER Positive breast cancer, shown to demonstrate efficacy in the inhibition of cancer cell proliferation
  • Endocrine resistance and metastatic disease in breast cancer
  • Cancer genetics and clinical interventions
  • Mutations and epigenetic changes that lead to resistance of commonly used hormonal therapies such as tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors
  • An understanding of invasive lobular cancer (an understudied histological breast cancer subtype)
  • The translation of basic cell and molecular research findings into the understanding and treatment of breast cancer, including studies on the role of insulin-like growth factors in breast cancer, and identification of biomarkers for this targeted therapy
  • The biological causes of prostate cancer development and progression and research leading to the development of new therapies.

Among those expected to attend the Breast Cancer Ireland Cancer Conference are members of transdisciplinary teams, including medical oncologists, surgeons, biostatisticians, biostatisticians, bioinformaticians and pathologists.

Commenting on the event taking place next week, Aisling Hurley, CEO of Breast Cancer Ireland says “We’re very proud to sponsor this international gathering of world leaders in the cancer research sector, as it aligns with our mission to transform breast cancer from often being a fatal disease (690 deaths annually in Ireland) to an illness that can be managed and cured long term through treatment. The speed of research discovery is key – but translating that discovery into clinical trial for new drug therapies is critical, and we continue to work hand in hand with some of the finest experts in the world in this space. We’re acutely aware that it is only through collaboration, information sharing, and cross pollination of scientific ideas that we will help discover new treatments and drug therapies in the fight for a cure”

Professor Leonie Young added “We’re excited and honoured to host this unique “meeting of minds’ and appreciate the support of Breast Cancer Ireland in helping us to move conversations and ideas about how to push the field of research forward. This will be our first in-person Cancer Conference for a number of years, due to the pandemic, so we are all very much looking forward to meeting face to face with our international peers in the scientific research space”


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