Eligible Applicants

Project grants are for established researchers in Ireland who have a strong track record in their field, and who want to work on Triple Negative Breast Cancer

What areas of research will Breast Cancer Ireland support?

We are interested in funding research that supports improvements in the prevention, detection and treatment of triple negative breast cancer, and welcome applications from all disciplines.

How to apply

Please send completed application form and a 2 page CV to Samantha McGregor at Breast Cancer Ireland (smcgregor@bciresearch.ie) by the 30th September 2018.

Key information

TargetEstablished researchers with a strong track record, based at a research institution in Ireland
StatusCall open
Deadline for application submission Closing date 30th of September 2018
Funding decision for applicationsNovember 2018
Grant durationTypically awards will be for 18-36 months
Maximum value of award Typically awards will be for 18-36 months
Project grant application guidanceDownload Application Form

Review process

We use a preliminary screening step in our review process. The Grants Committee carry out an initial review of all the applications. Short-listed applications will sent out for external international peer review, uncompetitive applications will not be sent out for review and will not be considered for funding.

Breast Cancer Ireland

Breast Cancer Ireland raises significant funding to help speed up breast cancer research discovery times aimed at transforming breast cancer from often being a fatal disease to a treatable illness maintained long term. In addition, funds raised also promote education and awareness on the importance of good breast health amongst women of all ages.

Currently Breast Cancer Ireland leads a collaborative initiative within the eight designated cancer centres in Ireland, funding specialist breast nurses who’s role is, with consent, to collect and collate patient tissue samples into one large centralised area so that Clinicians and Scientists nationally can now avail of a much larger sample pool on which to perform their own relevant research.

National Breast Cancer Resource

Clinical material to support the successful applicant will be made available through the BCI funded National Breast Cancer Resource (https://nationalbreastcancerresource.ie/)