Pink Power Launched with IMNO

Free Breast Health Assessment for all Members of the INMO Income Protection Scheme

Under the banner of ‘Pink Power’, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), is launching the second Free Breast Health Assessment initiative for members of its Income Protection Scheme. For males, the ‘Blue Power’ scheme, a prostate assessment, will also be available.

‘Pink Power’ originally came about following a review of the INMO’s Income Protection Scheme. It became apparent to the INMO and Cornmarket Insurance that there was a high level of claims for breast cancer amongst nurses and midwives. In 2011, 26% of all INMO claims were for cancer, with breast cancer accounting for more than half. (Source: Irish Life)

When ‘Pink Power’ was initially launched in 2012, it was the first of its kind within the Irish trade union movement. It was particularly pertinent for the INMO, which has a mostly female membership. On its launch, we hoped that we could promote regular examination and help save lives. Five years later, the ‘Pink Power’ initiative has had a profound impact on the people who accessed the Free Breast Health Assessment.

Since 2012 over:

–              3,100 INMO members have availed of screening.

–              211 ultrasounds and 282 mammograms were performed.

–              Three INMO members were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thankfully, their outlook was, and is, positive due to early intervention because of the scheme. This confirms the potency of this initiative, which has the real potential to save lives.

‘Pink Power’ will also have a lasting impact on the future health of people who accessed the service, as 89% of those who used the service said it increased their awareness of how to self-check and what symptoms to look out for.

Cornmarket worked with Irish Life to design this latest health programme, and Irish Life proudly sponsors this initiative.  It will be available in 30 locations nationwide (15 hospitals and 15 GP clinics). The assessment will involve a clinical breast examination by a physician and an education session on breast health awareness taking approximately 15 minutes. If a member requires further tests, they will get a rapid referral to the participating private hospital – Beaumont Private Clinic for ‘Pink Power’ or Bon Secours Private Hospital, Dublin, for ‘Blue Power’.

Breast Cancer Ireland is delighted to be a part of Pink Power. The new scheme will commence in January and will be available nationwide, on a phased basis, during 2018.

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