S2 – Episode 3 – Meet Denise Ashe and Orla Walsh

Sep 8, 2022 | Season 2

At the age of 36, Denise Ashe was diagnosed with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Although an enormous shock, from the start Denise was determined that cancer was not going to hold her back from living her best life. Registration for this year’s Great Pink Run is now open and in this episode Denise chats to Aisling about how exercise and running have played a big role in her recovery. Denise is joined by nutritionist Orla Walsh. Orla kindly provided BCI with a set of nutritional tips to help prepare for the event and in this episode she discusses these and other dietary questions and concerns those diagnosed may have. The Great Pink Run takes place in Dublin's Leopardstown racecourse and surrounding areas on October 9th, with a second event taking place in Kilkenny a week later on October 16th. If you can't make the events in Dublin or Kilkenny, you can take part in a virtual sense between the 9th and 16th. To register go to greatpinkrun.ie

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by Aisling Hurley, Denise Ashe and Orla Walsh | More Than A Lump Podcast

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Emma Meir was diagnosed with Stage 3 HER2 negative breast cancer in October 2021 after noticing a lump on her breast just a month earlier.
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