Leanne Bennett

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In 2018, I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer aged 33.
I had a 14 month old daughter and had returned to work 5 months previously as a GP. I had chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. I went back to work and continued to have my targeted therapy injections every 3 weeks.

On Mother’s Day in 2019, I had a seizure. I was taken to A&E where I had a brain scan, and was given the devastating news that I had a secondary brain tumour.
I now had secondary or metastatic breast cancer which is incurable.

Since then I have had targeted radiotherapy, 2 brain surgeries, targeted drugs, and I’m on my 3rd line on chemo. This chemo is working well and my last scans were stable.
I have a left sided hemiparesis-a weakness in my left hand and leg from the tumour and the surgery but I’m still pretty independent and can walk, albeit with a limp.

My surgeon recently described me as a walking miracle!
My advice to other people is to remember that cancer doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to anyone. If you are lucky enough to be healthy please don’t take it for granted.

Leanne Bennett