Kilkenny Race Info


Great Pink Run Kilkenny 2017 Race Info

Race Date:   10th September 2017 – 10km (Start 12.00) & 5km (Start 12.40) Location:     On the grounds of Kilkenny Castle The 2017 Great Pink Run, with Avonmore Slimline Milk, is to be held on the grounds of Kilkenny Castle.  Please see the Kilkenny FAQ page for race related information and questions. If you feel anything has not been covered in the FAQ please contact us through the contact page and we will answer your query in a timely manner. The 10km course will involve 2 laps of the route. All race day essential information will be sent out before the event via E-MAIL and will be posted to the homepage of this site shortly after entries close. Fundraising: An online fundraising page will be created for you when you register online.