Colette Donnegan

colette-donegan-gprColette Donegan (37) discovered the lump while she was breastfeeding her two year old child.  On the 18th February 2015 she was given the diagnosis that she had breast cancer. She has no family history of the disease so it was a huge shock. Colette went on to have a lumpectomy, eight rounds of chemotherapy and 33 rounds of radiation and she will be on medication for 5, possibly 10 years. She decided to walk the Great Pink Run last year, three days after a chemo session.  “It was just something I was determined to do for me.” she said.  Colette is doing really well now and the family will all be there again this year to support her although Colette is determined to run it this time. She went back to work as soon as her treatment was over and she is planning to get married in September. Colette feels very strongly that we still don’t have enough awareness of breast cancer in young women and she supports Breast Cancer Ireland’s awareness and research programmes around the country.