Breast Cancer Ireland is promoting breast health awareness and education for women and men of all ages.


Someone in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer

Can you spare 20 minutes…

It could save your life


BCI Free Programme

The Breast Health and Education Awareness Programme aims to educate women of all ages about the importance of good breast health. Should an abnormality occur, it will be identified early and the treatment outcome will be a lot more positive.

What does the programme involve?

BCI Free Programme
A Breast Cancer Ireland coordinator will provide a presentation on breast health awareness, showing how to perform a self examination properly and together with a medically induced mannequin, advise on the 8 signs & symptoms of breast cancer to be aware of.

Where do presentations take place?

BCI Free Programme

Presentations can be in person or virtual depending on your preference.

They take just 20 minutes.

Who can attend?

BCI Free ProgrammeWe encourage Women and Men of all ages to attend.

Hear what others have to say about the programme

The very Informative talk from Juliette was timely, just after Breast Cancer Awareness month,was so factual & definitely made staff sit up and realize how prevalent breast cancer is and early detection is so important.

Corporate Wellness Session

Co Cork

This talk was so beneficial, as a full female staff, I thought it was a very fitting topic. The presenter delivered the talk so well, so honestly, so openly and so effectively. I was truly moved by Juliette’s story as well as her strength. I have already recommended this talk to Principals in my local area. A huge thank you to all who make it possible for these talks to be delivered especially free of charge. Great Job!

Community Awareness Session


Our staff range in age from 20 to 60+. This presentation was very beneficial to all of us. A timely reminder to consider our personal health on an ongoing basis. The mannequin was an excellent resource. Thank you.

Primary Schools Awareness Session


Just want to thank you for organising Dympna’s visit to our school. It was a very informative presentation and done in a highly professional manner. What a wonderful initiative from all parties involved. Míle Buíochas 

St. Michael's National School

Co. Monaghan