Ger Collins

After discovering a lump in 2015, Ger Collins was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a triple assessment in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, it was discovered that, thankfully, the cancer hadn’t spread. She underwent a mastectomy and lymph node removal, which were followed two months later by chemotherapy. In total, Ger had 16 sessions of chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy. She says she was shocked to discover that, at the age of 43, she was one of the oldest patients having treatment for breast cancer at the centre. “The others were younger than me,” Ger remembers. Such a discovery really made her think. “We need to educate our young women to be self-checking,” she says.

Ger strongly believes that if more women were self-aware about breast health, then more lives would be saved. As a result of this, she has been volunteering as an Education and Awareness Outreach Coordinator for Breast Cancer Ireland, speaking to women and young girls on the importance of good breast health. “I’m so grateful to be well, I want to give something back,” she comments. As an ambassador for Breast Cancer Ireland, Ger is proud to support our Breast Health Education and Awareness Programme for teachers and transition-year students. The programme is sponsored by Cornmarket Group Financial Services.