Robbie Henshaw

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“I am delighted to become an ambassador for Breast Cancer Ireland. Everyone knows someone that has been affected by breast cancer and for me, with three sisters, my mum and my girlfriend, I felt it was important to support this cause that raises funds for research. It’s also incredibly important to educate women, young and old, about good breast health. If women understand what to look out for then they will be better equipped if an abnormality arises. Early detection saves lives. At the launch of this year’s Great Pink Run, I met some amazing women who have had this disease and come out the other side. I realized then how important it is for women of all ages to be aware of the signs and symptoms. I was shocked that such young women had been affected and I feel passionate about ensuring that all the women in my life are supported and protected.”

Robbie Henshaw speaking to Sonya Lennon on Driving Progress

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