Research discovery is the reason we have more time together.

We will transform breast cancer from often being a fatal disease (690 deaths annually) into a treatable illness that can be managed long term.

Speed of research discovery will ultimately achieve this vision by affecting better and more effective treatment options for patients diagnosed.

Christmas Raffle 2020

We have made the decision to extend our Spring Raffle Draw until Friday, August 28 and we are urging our supporters to help us hit our target for this raffle.  You can now buy raffle tickets here online by clicking on the Buy Tickets button above.

Also, please do your best for us among family and friends by sharing this link. All you need to do is click on the Sell to Family and Friends button above.  You can then forward this link and encourage others to buy tickets. By doing this you will be helping us in our Race for a Cure.  This increased awareness saves lives.

Our Impact

Through research our survival rates have increased to 85%.

We have 2% reduction annually in mortality rates.

With sophisticated tissue tests, each patient is receiving personalised and tailored treatment plans.

Annually, we are seeing over 25,000 women and young girls through our Education and Outreach complimentary awareness programme.

Raising on average €2m per annum to support our ongoing research efforts nationally.

What We Do


Education and Awareness


One in nine women will be diagnosed in their lifetime

3,100 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually

30% of those diagnosed are between 20-50 years of age

Get involved


Education and Awareness



Help us research a Cure

Speed of research discovery is

critical in advancing a cure.

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