Aidan is a solicitor, whose partner Rachel was diagnosed with incurable metastatic disease back in 2021. Aidan and Rachel have a young 2yr old son Elijah and it’s Aidans greatest wish to walk Rachel down the aisle in 2024 and have “time” to share long term memories with his family.


Rachel McKenna

Rachel McKenna is 40 years old and is living with cancer. Rachel experienced severe pelvic pain seven weeks into her pregnancy, which she put down to her condition, and she expected the pain and discomfort would pass when her baby was born.

Things kept getting worse and Rachel also began to develop extreme back pain. The birth of her beautiful son, Elijah, who’s now two, brought Rachel and her fiancee Aiden, great joy. But sadly, her diagnosis of Stage four breast and bone cancer when Elijah will less than a year old, has been traumatic mentally, emotionally, and physically.

In the following podcast, Rachel takes us through her story from those early signs during her pregnancy through to the day she was told her cancer was inoperable. Rachel is now an ambassador for Breast Cancer Ireland, and is supporting our Metastatic Matters campaign, which will run throughout 2023 in an effort to demystify the facts.