Nominate BCI as your Charity of the year

Does the company where you work nominate a Charity of Choice each year? If so we would be delighted to be considered as your Charity of the Year. We can work with your Charity Committee to help you develop a programme of fundraising for the year ahead.

There are many ways to get involved with Breast Cancer Ireland that can be motivating and rewarding for your staff and customers as well.

We appreciate that every company is different, and our fundraising team can work with you to tailor each partnership depending on your requirements. Once you have contacted Breast Cancer Ireland our fundraising team can guide you on the type of partnership that best suits your company and can help you with fundraising ideas and how to get your staff involved.

Payroll Giving
Payroll giving encourages members of staff to give regularly through their pay cheque. It’s simple – staff members decide how much they wish to donate and these voluntary donations are deducted through the company payroll.


Without sponsorship we would not be able to run certain events, which would directly reduce the funds we have available to support our ongoing research programmes nationally. Sponsoring a Breast Cancer Ireland event can work in many different ways, bringing a host of benefits such as increasing  brand awareness, generating positive PR for your company, motivating your staff and showing commitment to your local community.


Corporate Donations
Breast Cancer Ireland hugely appreciates donations from companies, these donations help us to continue our work of supporting pioneering research nationally. The tax benefits to you as a company are a great added bonus. If a company makes a donation of €250 or more to Breast Cancer Ireland, the company can claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense.


Matched Giving
Matched giving is where an employer matches the amount an employee has raised or donated. Matched giving by companies boosts the morale of employee fundraisers/donors as it shows them you are supporting what they do. Employers can match one off gifts by an individual or match the total money raised from employee fundraising efforts.

  • Debenhams Think Pink

    Debenhams Think Pink Campaign is run both in the UK and in Ireland in support of Breast Cancer research, where the store, together with some concession areas like lingerie; household; gents and beauty, contribute a portion of their sales and in Ireland they have chosen to support Breast Cancer Ireland. The Debenhams mission, through their... View Article

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  • Nissan Pink Week

    Breast Cancer Ireland are delighted to be the Nissan Charity partner for the month of October. Nissan Ireland organise a Nissan Pink Week amongst their dealer network nationwide, where they offer the public the chance to test drive any Nissan model of their choice during the month of October, and in return Nissan make a... View Article

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  • PayPal/eBay Give Program

    Breast Cancer Ireland were delighted to become one of the charities being supported by PayPal and eBay’s Give Programme for 2014. As part of the programme Breast Cancer Ireland have been able to offer the new unique Breast Aware app to both iPhone and android users which has helped to spread the word about Breast... View Article

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