Facts and Figures

Our vision in Breast Cancer Ireland is through research and awareness- we will transform breast cancer from often being a fatal disease (680 deaths annually) to a treatable illness long term. 

Current statistics in Ireland:

  • 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer in the course of their lifetime
  • Incidence of male breast cancer is 1 in 1000
  • We have 2800 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed each year
  • 15% are women under 44 years
  • 49% are women between 45-64 years
  • 36% are women over 65 years
  • Only 5% – 10% of breast cancer cases are hereditary



Our progress in brief:

  • Increase in survival rates in the past five years from 75% to 83%
  • Increase in research publications from 1 every 24 months – to 5 within 12 months
  • Investment in International Clinical Trials – using a combination of drugs – for particular breast cancer patients –shows 60% tumour eradication
  • Through sophisticated blood tests, we can now offer patients personalised treatment plans – specific to their diagnosis as each case is very individual
  • We are seeing 50% less patients requiring Chemotherapy-thereby protecting healthy organs
  • Investment in Ireland’s first Intra-Operative Radiotherapy Device…instead of a patient having to return to hospital for five weeks daily for radiotherapy – we can extend initial surgery time by 20 minutes, for certain cancer patients allowing them to return home to recover.
  • Investment in Education & Awareness Programmes – Recruitment of our Outreach Nurse Coordinator –for TY Schools Awareness & Womens Groups nationally – taking the fear factor out of a breast cancer diagnosis.


How your funds work:

  • We support our specialist breast cancer research nurses within the designated cancer centres in Ireland- their role through collaboration is to collect and collate all patient tissue and serum samples into one large centralised area so that Clinicians and Scientists nationally can now have access to the full 2800 new cases diagnosed annually – thereby speeding up our research discovery output
  • We continue to support our Research Laboratories with relevant equipment, consumables, recruitment & retention of key research staff/fellow
  • We continue to participate in World-wide Clinical Trials
  • We continue to provide education and awareness programmes on the importance of good breast health among women of all ages