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The programme

We have developed a pack that we will issue to Transition Year Co-ordinators in an attempt to educate young women on the importance of breast health. Statistically if younger women become more breast aware, they are more likely to recognise any abnormalities, should they arise, will be seen to immediately and then the outcome will be more positive.


Our motto is “Breast Health is your Wealth! In addressing this, we have developed a pack that contains facts and information about breast cancer along with a miniature caricature of our FREE to download app “Breast Aware”. The app is unique in that it sends a discreet monthly reminder to your phone and offers a step by step video guide on how to perform a self-breast examination as well as signs and symptoms to consider.


For further information please contact Samantha at 01-4022747 or email If you are keen to have our TY School Coordinator visit your school for our ‘Breast Health Your Wealth’ programme, simply fill out the form linked below.


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Importance of breast health

Breast Cancer Ireland’s mandate, in addition to providing funding to support pioneering research is to provide education & awareness on the importance of breast health amongst women of all ages- with particular attention on younger women.


Recent statistics show that breast cancer affects women in the following age categories


· 14% in women less than 40 years

· 49% in women between 40-64 years

· 37% in women over the age of 65 years


For younger women it is all about making them more breast aware- knowing what is normal for them, from a younger age…so that if an abnormality is detected they can be seen and the outcome is a lot more positive.


Breast Cancer Ireland feel that TY is an ideal time to educate young women about their breast health. Currently the TY programmes offer a number of health related initiatives from relationship and sexual education to mental health awareness and fitness and nutrition. The TY Programme promotes maturity amongst young teens offering them a time to learn outside the regular academic curriculum


The TY Schools Awareness Programme is tailored to promote good breast health…taking the fear factor out of a breast cancer diagnosis and educating young women about how to perform a self- breast examination.


Breast Health Is Your Wealth App










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