Emma Cassidy

My life changed on the 27th of June 2017. Three months after my 30th birthday I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. It was a massive shock as I didn’t have any family history nor did I have any of the major symptoms associated with the disease. In the lead up to my diagnosis I felt an overwhelming fatigue but all of my blood tests were clear and nothing else seemed wrong. My GP referred me to the breast clinic in Beaumont to get checked as a precaution. The day I went to the clinic they found a lump, the same day I had two ultrasounds, two mammograms and three biopsies. Within a week I was diagnosed and two weeks after that I had a double mastectomy. The following week I started chemotherapy. Breast cancer can affect all ages, that is why its so important to support charities like Breast Cancer Ireland who raise vital funds for advances in research and awareness.