Ann Eble

ann-ebleDublin born Ann Eble was 48 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She got through the ordeal by trying to stay positive and focused.  She has been in remission for almost 13 years. When did you first find out you had breast cancer? I found out in 2003.  I was quite unwell from February – March feeling flu-ish and very tired.  I do remember turning in the bed one night, Im quite big in the boobs, and I felt a lump but the next morning it went out of my head!  On St Valentines Day, I remember walking down the road and my eyes just wanted to close with tiredness.  Then I was putting false tan on in my bedroom, and I noticed huge veins on my chest.  I went to my GP the following day and was sent to the Breast Clinic.  It all happened very quickly.  I had to have a mammogram and then a biopsy.  I went in the following Thursday with my friend Jackie for the results. I was told I had a 5cm tumour and that they had to operate. What were your concerns after being diagnosed? To this day, I remember looking into Professor Arnie Hills eyes and he said “ Ann you will be fine. I promise, I will look after you” and from that day to this I have put my faith in that man. How did your loved ones cope with the news? They probably lied to me. I had separated from my husband prior to my diagnosis.  I had three brothers, one of whom has since died.  They put on a brave face for me.  As a family we have been through a lot of tragedy so I think we have learned how to cope with things.  They would have good coping skills Did you continue to work throughout your treatment? I would get the chemo on a Monday, I would work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It was a great distraction.  Getting up in the mornings having to get dressed and ready. What treatment did you have? I had a mastectomy and six months of chemotherapy.  The doctor came to see me after the operation and said “ We got was stage 3” .  I lost all my hair and I put on six stone! What got you through the bad days Positive thinking.  I didn’t think about tomorrow – I thought only about today Has breast cancer changed the way you look at life? To a certain extent yes.  I didn’t change my diet. What I have learned is to live for today.  There is no point in saying “Why me” What advice would you give women who are recently diagnosed? Get your mind right, and trust the experts.  I am alive because of them