Dawn Fahy

My symptoms were a tingling/uncomfortable sensation on my left nipple. I ignored these symptoms for nearly a year until my husband persuaded me to go get checked.

Thankfully I went when I did, as it started as DCIS but it was invasive. By the time it was found in January 2020 it had spread all over the breast. Numerous tumours were found after my mastectomy.

It was the most terrifying time ever, I was on my own. All I thought about was how do I tell my parents, I need to protect them from this. I was also getting married in 6 months. What do I do!

Within 6 weeks, I had all my tests/scans and a single mastectomy and reconstruction.

3 weeks later the world changed due to Covid 19. It was even more scary now. Chemotherapy was not recommended, as I was HR positive. I started Hormone Therapy and at 33 it was and is awful.

We rescheduled our wedding and got married in September before I had surgery to remove all lymph nodes in October. After my mastectomy they had found more tumours than realized. Thankfully the lymph nodes were clear. 

We also bought a house. Its been a rollercoaster, many people believe its behind me and finished when in fact, it’s only beginning. It’s tough, as newlyweds the option of kids has been taken away for now. I’m in pain most days, exhausted from Hormone Therapy. But when I look back at that year, I have still accomplished so much.